Game of Indonesia- Domino QiuQiu


Almost all the people of Indonesia play domino qq the traditional game which is followed by many years. With the advancement in the technology, domino qq or the domino Qiu Qiu is now available in many of the devices which can be played online. So this game of the domino qq is played with 28 number of double six dominoes. This is considered as the best gambling game. There are several online websites which offer the game and can be played with the real money.

Trusted websites

But many of the websites are not trusted; it is better to go for the reviews of the website before you register for the website and play the game. This domino qq is available for Android smartphone devices only just an internet connection, and you will be able to play anywhere sitting and relaxing.

Know the strategies

If you are a beginner for playing the domino qq, there is a guide along with the tips and tricks site and you can go to the blog can find the tips and tricks.It is very easy for counting the QiuQiu dominos. When it is divided into the cards which are the first three, there are the cards which are two in number, and they will be paired with the number which is maximum of 9 or the one pair of cards.

This will be counting the results from the behind like 6|6+6|1 will be a 9or kid and one more card would get paired with the card which is given in the last from the dealer after the bet is increased or after the add.

Agen poker

For example when playing from three cards which are dealing with the cards Balak 0|5 and the balms 6|6+6|1.And when there is the distribution of the fourth card, it will be becoming the raise which is called as the final the bet if the card which is called the handler card is enough.

In some of the cases series results or the balanced results when the result which is final to see the Balak card dot level. If you are feeling that you are having good luck today, then it is the best thing following the jackpot installation of at least Rp 100 or 200 0r 500 or even 1000.


There are also high cards and the special cards in the domino qq game they are called the pure small card, pure big card, black card, and the god six cards. To replace the players, the bluff is carried out by the gamers. This is for the folding and winning the pot which is the mid-table money for the betting.