Home Poker Etiquette Tips and Tricks

Okay, so you are hosting a poker night at home, and your guests are already on your way, how do you ensure that everyone has fun, but at the same time they still manage to follow the rules and respect other players? Like all other games out there, poker is fun to play, but other players need to observe how they treat other people and how to be courteous towards the people they are playing with.

Sometimes, there’s a tendency that people can become too competitive with their game that it can turn ugly quickly. This does not just apply to how the games are played but the way you talk, the way you drink beer, the way you eat, and all that small stuff. These things may seem shallow, but knowing how to act in front of your guests and setting a good example makes you host of the year.

So, how do you pull off the ultimate home poker night? What should you know? If you are planning to host, but you do not know where to start, don’t worry because we have a few tips for you. Take a look at these etiquette tips and tricks to get you started:

Don’t be a Slob

Poker tables are meant for playing poker. If you are drinking something at the table, regardless of whether it is a can of beer, a glass of milk, etc. make sure that you respect the boundaries of the people around you. If there’s condensation on the table, make sure to get a paper towel and clean it up. Don’t make it hard for the host to clean up after you.

Also, remember not to get too drunk because you may end up spilling your drink, and it will just cause trouble. If you have a coaster, or if you can ask for a coaster, put your bottle there.

Don’t Cheat and Lie to Other Players


Okay, sure, this is poker, at some point you have to lie, but only some aspects of lying are required at playing poker. Part of the game’s mechanics is misinterpreting your hand. That’s just part of the game.

But if your intention is in all the wrong places, that’s where it gets tricky.

Remember, this is not a simple bluff game, you can get beat up and shot if you are not careful, especially that it’s a poker game, people get competitive. Plus, it could also mean losing good friends, so stay on the safe side and play the game regularly and honestly like everyone else.

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