Domino games are usually blocking games. The goal is to use up all your tiles while blocking the opponent’s tiles. A score may determine the winner. The score is usually tallied by counting the markings in the losing players’ hands. The scoring varies each game. There is a range of accessories available made for playing domino games. Here are some of the most common domino accessories you might encounter.

  • Racks

You use this to hold your hand of domino tiles. These are usually made of plastic or wood. Racks are simple, long straight pieces with ridges or slots. This is so you can put the tiles facing towards you. It will be convenient to hold and arrange the hand for a game. Racks are usually about one-foot or twelve-inches long. There are racks that hold one row of dominoes. There are also those that may hold up to two, three, or four rows. Racks with more than one row are often used for games with larger domino sets. This includes double-twelves and double-eighteens. You can buy racks in pairs of two or sets of four.

  • Cribbage boards

These are traditional scoring devices. Cribbage boards were for playing the card game, Cribbage. But it is now common to see cribbage boards used for other games like domino games. Cribbage boards have different types. One typical type is a rectangular block about 8 to 12 inches long. It is wood and has holes drilled into one side. Cribbage boards are often used with small pegs. The players move around these pegs by pushing them into the holes on the board. This indicates the score or progress in a game. Pegging is the term for moving the pegs. And spillikins are the actual pegs. There is often a group of five holes. These are set in rows of 30 which are sometimes referred to as streets.

  • Mexican Train and Chickenfoot accessories

The domino games Mexican Train and Chickenfoot have special accessories. These are special and made for their gameplay. Players must mark the open ends of the layout in Mexican Train. This indicates whether an end is open for play. Small plastic pieces are available molded into the shape of steam trains made as markers. They come in different colors and finishes.

Both Mexican Train and Chickenfoot players play off a set double to start the layout. Circular-shaped hubs are usually used to hold the first double played. There are novelty battery-operated hubs available in the market. It has a button on top which can play an electronic choo train sound. Both the train markers and hubs are game packages.

  • Score sheets

Score pads that are already printed are available for recording the scores in a domino game. You can use any piece of paper as a score sheet. This is quite unnecessary.

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