These luminous marked cards are usually used to cheat in poker, and it has been a sure shot for winning. The cards are marked with bright ink which can be seen with special kind of lenses which allows the user to see the markings which are not possible with the naked eye. The poker cards are usually made with luminous ink, and this works in favor of people who use lenses to get to know the markings and make their moves accordingly. You can get them on an infrared and a scanning camera which has these special lenses fitted on them. It is made sure that every card has been put through different luminous inks. The light tickets are either UV luminous or IR bright marked cards. Here the former is easily readable through the contact lenses that can read the luminous ink while the latter will need an infrared camera for the purpose. You can shop for marked cards on https://www.markedcardsshop.com/collections/marked-playing-cards.


What are the advantages of it?

A lot of people are using this for playing poker games, and these are now readily available online. You could buy the luminous marked cards reader kit which contains all that you want to make your very own marked card collection right down to the ink, contact lenses, infrared camera and of course the luminous ink glasses. These are of good quality and have little chance to harm your eyes as particular principles of optics have been used to manufacture them, and they work exactly as they are prescribed to There are dedicated staff and professionals on the job which make the luminous kit fit for the customer to read the marking effectively. These lenses help to check out the marked cards https://www.markedcardsshop.com/collections/infrared-contact-lenses.

If you have been using the luminous eye wear or the glasses, they look stylish as any eye wear, and no one can ever doubt that they have that exceptional quality of reading the markings for which you have worn them. The luminous ink sheds invisible light that cannot be seen by the naked eye; hence the use of such glasses makes a difference in recognizing the light that is dropped by the markings made on the cards deck. Now that it is known that the casino owners would have marked the cards themselves, some of them resorted to providing such eye wear to show the players that they didn’t play dirty. Now you can own a pair with whichever color frame you like to choose and make it your very own as per your fashion tastes The infrared camera allows the user to see the infrared luminous ink markings which are not visible by the naked eye. There are two kinds of camera you can choose from; there is one that is wired and other no — the wired one most preferred as it is considered more stable for real-time capture and accurate readings. But if you have seen wireless hooks people faster it is hassle-free. You will have to pick high quality luminous marked cards for use. The cards come in a different color, the common ones being blue and red. The red cards tend to have a better effect on light marking than the blue one.