Poker Evolution to Online Status

Poker is a game in which many people have played for centuries, it has gone very far and over the years there have been several options, but the essence of the game remains the same, and you still need the same cards to to play. to win, casinos were the main places to play poker, and people used to travel from different parts of the world to find a casino where they could play poker, in fact, they can not consider the casino’s playing arena if not has poker and blackjack table, of course, the slots need not say.


Poker has advanced, and now it has become a sport in many different areas, there are professional poker tournaments in which poker fans have the opportunity to demonstrate their poker skills and their poker faces to win money. Many people never understood the term “poker face” until they saw or played poker, because in poker you do not want another opponent to know that you have a winning or losing hand for various reasons, if you lose, and you want to bluff by raising bets for give the impression that you are winning, another player or players should not read this on your face. Or, if you win, and you want other players to increase, so that the pot is more for you, you can not tell them that you are winning, as they can fold or not.

poker online

Poker has gone even further, and now you can play poker online, it eliminates the idea of ​​poker, but someone can still understand you, based on the previous games you played and how you managed. Online poker games are very popular, and websites are never hard to find on the Internet; a simple search will allow you to enter the poker site in seconds. If you are new to poker, you can also find online textbooks that teach you how to play poker in a matter of minutes, but these are just the rules and the basics of the game. In my opinion, poker is a 60% chance and 40% game strategy, so you still need to have your own strategy to determine if you win or lose. As you know, the famous Kenny Rogers song says: “You have to know when to hold, to know when to bend, to know when to leave …”

For those of you who are not familiar with the game or just are not familiar with the online version, the best site offers free online poker games that allow you to practice and understand the web platform before investing your own money in the game .