Online poker: why should you play online?

Do you like poker but have never played online? Heard great reviews but never tried it for yourself? Well, keep reading because we have some great reasons to play poker online.Click here for agen bandarqq.

casino gambling poker people and entertainment concept – close up of poker player with chips at green casino table

Play anytime, anywhere

You can play comfortably from your living room (or at the office if you are a bit of a trickster). No need to drive, no public transport, no need to look for a parking space. Easy.


No one knows who you are. If you prefer your passion for poker to be kept private, there is no reason that this will ever happen. No embarrassing moment, no unexpected meeting at the corner of a supermarket.

No chance of intimidation

If you are new to poker, it is a relaxed and non-intimidating playing environment. There is no tough guy you are afraid to beat or smirk if you make a mistake. Visit this site for agen bandarqq.

No dress codes

Unlike most casinos, there is no formal dress code required. If you feel like it, you’re free to just play in shorts. Or even without.

No timetable

You can play as much as you want. They don’t kick you out because it’s late and you don’t have to knock on the door to be opened. Play as long as you want, when you want.


There are lots of tables and even more motivated competitors on a wide range of stakes so you can always find the game that’s right for you. Add to that all the tournaments that take place on a daily basis and you get more activity and action than you could possibly keep up with.

It doesn’t matter if your face shows your emotions. Shout, bawl, clap. No one will know. Except your neighbors, and again, they won’t know why.

You can play multiple tables at the same time

When you start to be skilled, you can play at two tables simultaneously, doubling your chances of winning. Only attempt this if you are an experienced player: you could also double your losses.

Overall benefits

Playing online is faster. And the faster, the better.

Software based flawless system

When you play with online, software guides you through the game giving you only the action options you can do at any given time which will prevent you from making a mistake. Using the software removes dealer mistakes (yes it can really happen, even the best).