Successful Newbie in Poker Shows How to Succeed at Poker Tables

What most free online poker players and low risk players do not know is that the two types of games require different poker strategies. A successful free poker player who started as a beginner tells how he understood how to consistently win small bets and free poker games by recognizing and using these factors.

Start then.

When playing on free poker sites or sites with free rolls, you’ll notice much more aggressive players. Also, at the beginning of the free poker games, you will see many more pre-flops and scandalous lanterns.

The reason is simple. At the beginnings of these free poker tournaments, the player has no money or time invested in the game. Thinking is easy. If you can win a big jackpot early, it will give you more influence when your stack of chips grows. If you lose, so what? There is another free game just around the corner. At the moment, the player has little time and money invested.

The key to winning this free QQPOKER game is to survive a crazy diet at the beginning and move to the middle and last part of the game, where your skills and strategy (even basic skills) are of the utmost importance.

Just try to keep your stack and retire if you don’t have a very (very) good hand.

When everyone leaves, they invest time in the tournament, most choose a more reasonable approach. Things like standing at a table, reading players and using the power of the hands become easier to handle. This is also a good time for beginners to learn to play poker better and begin to really explore the nuances of the game.

After you’ve learned a little about poker in free poker games, and be consistent, but disappointed to have to break the craziness at the beginning of free online poker games and free rolls, then it’s time to dive into  tournaments at cash.


When you decide to go to cash tournaments, start with little. Never participate in a tournament for money that you cannot afford to lose. If you start small in cash tournaments, you will find many more players closer to your level of play. You will also find players with more advanced skills than you currently have. This is good, because the game against them, if you focus it correctly, helps you learn how to improve the game, what books and articles cannot or cannot teach.