Increasing your Chances of Winning the Lottery

People have big dreams when they play the lottery. They play without common sense, spending a fortune on useless tickets. Using random or favorite numbers, quick selection or labeling of cards in templates will make you lose before you buy a ticket. There are ways to increase your chances of winning the เจษฏาเบท lottery, but this requires certain skills and a short time.

  • Play the same numbers

    People lose patience by changing their numbers in each game, stopping playing or skipping some games. Using the system will increase your chances of winning by 900%, but you must understand how it works. You must set a budget first.

    Be realistic and play only what you can afford. Decide if you want to play twice a week or once a week. If you play once a week, select the day with the least amount of time and the minimum time to receive tickets.

  • disability numbers

    You have to hurt your numbers. Therefore, if you play 12 numbers, select the ones that have fallen the most in the last twelve draws. Take a piece of paper and write how many times each number came out, and make an X for each.

    You will notice a good number pattern that eliminates the bad ones. Then you select the wheel and distribute the numbers evenly.

  • Distribute your numbers evenly

    If you are playing a game with six numbers, use three highs and three lows. If the game has 40 numbers, then the minimum will be from 1 to 20, and the maximum from 21 to 40. This greatly increases your chances.

  • wheels of your numbers

    Collapse your chosen numbers and, if there is a sequence like 33-34-35, put your numbers in another place. Rarely, three or four appear together.

    Play the same numbers in every game. People lose patience and change them, and when they arrive, their number increases. A lot has happened. There are free steering systems on the net.

    Decide how many numbers you want to play, and select a wheel within your budget. Some cover more combinations than others. It has been shown that they reduce your chances by millions and made many people millionaires.

  • games sequentially

    Do not miss the game. If you decide to play twice a week, stick to this. These 5 ways to increase your chances of winning the lottery are how lottery winners play.


If you are serious about winning, use the system and with patience you will soon begin to win a few tickets. Wheel systems are the most popular among serious lottery players and are cheaper than playing random tickets.