Playing at Live Dealer Casino – Looking at the Pros and Cons

Want to play at the live dealer casino? Make sure you check out the given pros and cons before you consider playing the casino games at Judi Bola Online. Let us check out the cons first and then the pros:


  1. Because they make use of the latest equipment it’s a costly exercise, and with beautiful ladies out there that require remuneration, expenses of running the live dealer casino will be one huge investment. Thus, what you think accounts for such extra costs? It will have a huge impact on the minimum bets and payouts, it is a possibility that minimum bets will be higher, and winning a jackpot will not be much realistic compared to the live dealer casino since they will lessen their jackpot amount and compensate for their live dealers and other expenses.
  2. Dealers are human too and there can be room for error that you need to be prepared with. Any bad deal will be because of the deck not getting shuffled thoroughly and rightly.
  3. When you select the room with one or more tables, you will be less distracted in case not by a good dealer and hear the sound of other dealers, and taking your focus out of the game. Besides this, the atmosphere will be impersonal, and actions will be executed just by pressing one deal and button, compared to a real conversation with your live dealer.


  1. Although the human aspect is sometimes considered as a con it is seen as a pro here, the reason is many players online are a bit skeptical about letting the computer generate the numbers factor. It may get tampered with when they do not have any wins. But, when you are playing with the live dealer casino, a person is handling your cards & your money.
  2. Find the positive social aspect when dealing with a live dealer. You can interact and communicate with other players playing the same game. With this, you will gain the main points and enjoy the company if you’re a loner. If you are somebody who stays lonely then this can cheer you up when playing your casino games.
  3. With a fact that you will encounter a few issues when playing your game, rest assured they have somebody available to help right away. Whenever you experience any kind of difficulty with the casino online, you may have emailed them, and get an immediate response within 24 hours. When playing at the live dealer casinos, you will always have somebody to play and set to help anytime.