Poker winning secrets that you should know

Playing poker online is fun, and sometimes I play too. But many players think that playing in a live tournament is very similar to an online game. Well, that is not so.

Here are 9 golden tips on how to simplify your transition from playing online to playing live poker tournaments.

1) If you have difficulty fighting pressure in everyday life, don’t think that playing in front of your watchful eyes and a room full of people will not have any effect on you. If you move and influence very easily, I advise you to save money and forget about playing in the tournament, and this is even more true when it comes to live poker tournament.

2) Wear comfortable and not fashionable clothes. This is not a fashion show: this is poker. Therefore, wear those clothes that will help you feel comfortable and comfortable. I met a woman who wore tight jeans, and then, throughout the cycle, she became restless. No matter what she said, she lost first, and all because she was uncomfortably dressed.


3) Drink only water and even a little so that you do not feel thirsty and do not feel the need to go to the bathroom. Any feeling is detrimental to a poker player in the middle of his hand.

4) Do not drink alcoholic or sugary drinks. Alcohol will make you lose concentration, and sugary drinks – a false sense of well-being; both will work against you when you play a live game.

5) Do not sit next to the dealer. Most poker tournaments allow you to choose a place in previous rounds. It is better to sit in front of the dealer to be able to look at each poker player.

6) Try not to change position during the game. If you really start to feel uncomfortable, change your position after you finish your hand. Under no circumstances should you move during the game.

7) Go to the bathroom when you take a break and don’t keep talking. Better loosen the gallbladder than exchange words with other players.

8) See how others are doing. Those who are going to lose will want to play only when they have strong hands; those with a large pile will be more willing to take risks.

9) Know the rules and regulations of the particular IDNPOKER tournament you entered to avoid unnecessary losses.


Live poker games against people, and therefore, if you read people well, you will have an edge when you play in a tournament. But do not overestimate your opponents. Many poker professionals fall into relatively unknown players because they are too confident. Then study the game, think wisely and calmly, and you will have a good chance to get the first prize.