The top three advantages/disadvantages of online poker everyone should know

Online poker is one of the most popular online casino games today. In fact, there are a lot of big-time tournaments happening regularly on the internet with huge pot money at stake which continues to entice a lot of traditional live poker players to switch to online poker.

For a lot of rookie players though, they should be keener on getting to know online poker rather than playing right away because behind all of the glitz and glamour of online poker, it also comes with its own downsides that each of us has to reminded off.

In general, poker is tremendously popular to everyone and its popularity even skyrocketed because of its online platform that can be accessed in both smartphones and computers and also its one-of-a-kind gameplay that completely changes the face of poker, it makes a lot of people more excited to play and log-in to their respective accounts.


However, despite its great innovative enhancements, it draws some flak and criticisms for a lot of gamblers as well which makes it more curious to find out. To help you get more information about online poker before wagering at your preferred online casino site, here are some very important advantages and disadvantages from that you should learn as well as the rest of the online poker community.

Advantages of online poker

  1. Affordable poker made available for everyone– The majority of online poker players said that it cuts their costs when it comes to betting in online poker than live poker because you can start betting as low as you can. In live poker, you are required to pay for the room fees, give tip to the dealer, and even buy some food or drinks while playing. All of these are not required anymore because you can play online poker anytime and anywhere.
  2. Designed for convenience– You can save up on gas because you do not have to drive to the nearest casino and poker rooms in your area. Also, you can start betting low on online poker. A lot of gambling experts say that people are tempted to bet huge amounts of money because of pride. You are simply challenged by your opponent because you saw them place big bets.
  3. More gaming room choices than live poker– Online poker99 is very convenient for many obvious reasons that are mentioned above, and you can choose a wide array of online poker sites that offer different promos and bonuses that you can use either for online casino or for other online casino games and even for your wagering at online bookmakers.

Disadvantages of online poker

  1. Used for fraud and hacking-online poker is highly used by hackers for phishing accounts of unknowing online gamblers who recklessly register at untrusted online poker sites.
  2. You play blindly-online poker’s gameplay is very fast which is not suitable for those who take a lot of time to decide. On the other hand, knowing that you play it virtually, you will have difficulties to tell if your opponent will be folding, bluffing, or doing some moves that you cannot tell on your end.
  3. Used for cheating– A lot of online poker players play with different cheating strategies and techniques that put a stain in this very entertaining way to play poker that is why there are still a lot of poker players are holding themselves back in playing online poker.