Things Casinos Do Not Want You Know

Casinos are the house of fun – and we know that – however, they are the business at an end of a day. Thus, when ensuring that you have the fun is one top priority, and making money is more important with w88 สำรอง .   There are many ways to minimize losses against house though, thus continue reading to find out how you will do that. Here are a few top things that they do not want you to know!

All Games Are Not Made Equal 

You have probably heard about the thing called house edge. This house edge is very important in working how likely you’re going to win. Whereas we know that house wins, it is very good to know you have got the better shot in playing some of the games at w88 thailand. The slots may appear like fun and cheap method to get the gambling fix but house edge on such will be high as 10%. The games like poker, blackjack,  bingo are the better choice with the house edge of over 3%.  To go a step further, you can check out the poker where it is 0.46 percent.

Dealers Do Make Mistakes 

Just as the games are not all same, neither are dealers. So much is for the human error, and, dealers are human too. Like you & me, they do make mistakes. Just watch how dealers dish out their cards. There is around 100 professionals so rest will be complacent, flashing face-down card. Suppose you try the method called as ‘card-holing’ and you give yourself 6 to 9 percent edge over house!

Card Counting Is Not Illegal 

You have probably heard about MIT blackjack counting team that actually made huge dollars in 80s & 90s counting cards. And they got busted because casino cottoned on & put the stop to it. Whereas card counting will not make you friends in casino, it is not actually illegal (providing you are doing in your head). When you begin involving the external devices & machines it is the different story. The casinos may come down hard on anybody they suspect is doing card counting that again, keep on DL as they do not want to appear like the party poopers.

Graphics & Sound Quality 

You do not need to compromise on the graphic and sound quality whatsoever while playing at a best no download games. Technology has now come a very long way you may play slots online in the high definition. Best game developers, like NetEnt, are making use of the new technology to make astonishing online slots. And none of the games needs you download it whatsoever.