Facts and Rules of Capsa Susun Online Game

Overview on Capsa Susun

Capsa Susun is a favorite card game played with a deck of 52 cards. It is performed using the Remi card. Known by the name Capsa Susun, it is a casino card game suitable for beginners where you play with cards. It is also referred to as ‘Side Bet’ which means that you can not only bet with the bookie but also the side players of your game.This game is quite interesting to play when hanging out with friends to spend time together or even with online casino friends.Many online casino websites have Capsa Susun games along with other popular card games with good bonus options.If you’re going to learn just one card game,it should be Capsa Susun. If you are one among them who wants to play the game all by yourself, then you are in the right place to know about the ultimate rules about Capsa Susun. It is the best,and the easiest to play and takes a lifetime to master.

Few facts about the Game

  • A quite popular game in an online casino card game
  • It is a stacking game played with three players only.
  • It is similar to the Texas Hold’Em game
  • You can avail sign up bonuses and gifts while playing online
  • The betting is between the bookie and the player. The bookie card and the player card are later compared and decided
  • One can choose to be either a dealer for the other two players or want to be one of the players against a dealer
  • You can bet with the players using the side bet option.

Game Rules
Every player is given thirteen cards. These thirteen cards have to be arranged in three-level lines by each of the players. The five highest combination cards in the first line, second most top combination cards in the second line and three most top rice combustion cards in the third line has to be aligned by each player in the game.The Remi card has the four symbols namely the Spade, Heart,and the Diamond symbols. The card combinations of the Capsa Susun is very much similar to the Texas Hold’Em game.

What you need to know about the particular card

There is a special card in this game which could be Dragon card, Royal Flush, Straight Flush or Four of a Kind. If you have any of these four special cards, then you are counted as a winner in that particular round.

The Dragon card is the highest combination card in the same symbol,and the player gets 2.5 times of the bet placed.

The Royal Flush is the second-best combination card with cards 10, J, Q, K, A all in the same symbol and the player gets 2.5 times the amount on the bet.

The Straight Flush is the third highest combination cards with numbers 4,5,6,7,8 all in the same symbol,and the player gets two times the bet amount in that particular round.

Four of a Kind special card has four numbers of all four symbols in the set along with another card,and the holder gets 1.5 times the bet amount.