Pok Deng: A Card Game For Maximum Of Seven Players

Finally, Thailand’s most played card game is playable online. Pok Deng is Thailand’s popular gambling card game where players aim for a hand beating the dealer’s hand. The player will take various accounts to beat the dealer, such as:

  • Pairs
  • Three-of-a-kinds
  • Flushes

The game is also called Pok Paet Pok Kao or Pok Kao – being eights and nines as high values. These are the desired values to have in the player’s hand as the winner. If you want to enjoy and have fun with this game, apply now, before ป๊อกเด้ง. You will receive the best bonuses ever. There are also a lot of surprises on the casino site that the others don’t have. You can’t call it a limited offer since it exists on the site without limited time. All it matters is don’t waste time to join the site than sticking to a casino that offers you nothing but only the winning prizes. Start it here!

How to play?

The first step when playing Pok Deng is to place the bets. After placing all the best, the dealer shuffles the card and deals two cards in every player on the table. You are playing online here, so you will be playing on the virtual table. Players can decide to stand or draw another card. Afterward, the dealer compares their hands against the players. In this game, the dealer can draw an additional card before he/she compares the hands against the other players.

The game setup

As mentioned above, Pok Deng can be played by multiple players. It says that there are 2-7 players who can play. However, some casino sites allow a max of seventeen players to play the game. But, ideally, there will be 3-9 players only. Before the game starts, the player will choose who will be the dealer. These players can decide to let the dealer remain as the dealer for the entire game or agree to switch while the game progresses. The game is short and fast that lasts for seconds. Keep in mind that the game is not against the players, but it is always against the dealer. The dealer can decide to deal with the card counterclockwise or clockwise. But each player should bet two cards faces down, with the remaining cards as the draw pile.

Many say that Pok Deng is illegal in the country. However, game developers have made it unreal. The game is always playable 24/7, at the players’ convenience.