Online Poker and Offline Poker

Poker is a wonderful game, but where you are playing this game makes a vast difference. Playing online poker is the different experience than playing at the casino or with friends. We might be a bit biased, but we have found that poker online is much superior to the offline poker in many different ways. Suppose you want a bit convincing, then do not look further than following list of the ways poker online is superior to the offline poker.


It is fast paced

Because the typical poker game online is actually run by the random number generator, one will not have to wait for the dealer to collect their chips, cards, and deal cards. It takes time. On internet, that will be done within seconds. Thus, the poker game online is fast-paced than the live poker game. Actually, typical poker game online goes through around 70 hands every hour, whereas the live poker game just goes through 40 hands every hour.

Play Multiple Table

That is one amazing perks of playing online poker! Nobody else will see what you are doing. When you are at the poker table online, you will pay your bills or chat with friends on Skype, or play at a different table.

poker table

 No Distractions

If you have ever played at the offline poker game, you would know how much distracting it is. There is always one player who cannot stop talking. After that there is smelly player. Let us not forget about drunk player who cannot keep their hands to himself. Check out player who loves to get up, and walk over aimlessly, and sit back every five minutes. So, with many people around, and a few more noticeable, it is a really hard to give game your complete attention. But, when you are playing poker game online, you can select your environment. You will select the place that is comfortable and quiet; it can be the coffee shop, couch, bed, or the library.

Poker Tracking Tool

The poker tracking tool allows you track your wins or loses, and analyze in a way you and opponents play, create statistics and opponents, and make use of this data to make the decisions on a spot. There’s definitely not any way you can do all by yourself with pad of paper & pen at the live poker table.

Different Poker Variants

Lots of casinos provide one, two, and if you are lucky enough, there are different poker variations with the limited stakes, rules and buy-ins. Whenever you visit the casino online, you can select any kind of game that you would like to play, and any stakes level, any players, or buy-in amount. Possibilities are endless!