Las Vegas is famous for gaming, events, and nightlife. A lot of visitors stay because of the city’s uniqueness and the exciting experience one can enjoy. Unique casino games are one of the most popular ways of how the city shows off its style. Las Vegas is home to several of the oldest and rarest casino games. Most online casino games, like 99Online Slot, got its inspiration from this city. Let us take a look at some of the casino slot games and machines you can only find in Las Vegas.

The D’s classic slot machines

On the second floor of the D Las Vegas Casino, you can find a little slice of the old Las Vegas. Lines of rows of classic slot machines transport you back to the city’s roots. The second level is full of the original Vegas vibe. You can try out the classic gaming favorites that will make you feel nostalgic. The soft throwback jams playing throughout the casino adds to the authentic feels.

99Online Slot

Golden Nuggets’ oversized slot machines

Inside the entrance of the Golden Nugget, you can find the jumbo Vegas slot machines. These give you the perfect opportunity to go big instead of going home empty-handed. They have a golden gleam that matches the hotel’s theme. A crowd of both players and onlookers find it attractive. Playing at these eight feet tall slot machines will give you a unique experience.

Main Street Station Hotel, Casino & Brewery’s vintage slots

There are still a few of the remaining original slot machines from Vegas’ not-so-humble beginnings. You can find them near the registration area of Main Street Hotel, Casino & Brewery. Back in the days, these slots dispensed candy, golf balls, and cigars to lucky winners. They are now a fascinating relic from the city’s early days. The intricacy of the details and the old school charm of these slots are a marvel to hotel guests and visitors. They no longer function, but it is an excellent tribute to the known original glitz and glamour of Las Vegas.

SlotZilla zipline

The world’s most massive slot machine stands twelve stories tall. It got its name from the fictional giant monster and is the cherry on top of the Fremont Street Experience. The SlotZilla zip line delivers an adrenaline rush to adventure-seekers. It is also an entertaining spectacle for those remaining on the ground. There are two different levels on the zipline. One is only seven stories above the ground, and the other is an exciting eleven stories high.