Value of Reload bonuses in online poker

From time to time, even the best poker players are unlucky and need to add funds to their poker accounts. This work, just like bonuses from the first deposit, only their percentage is smaller – it is usually from 50 to 100%.

Loyalty programs

The topic of loyalty and VIP programs has been described in this text poker idn. These programs are very important because you can be rewarded based on your game. Some of them are divided into levels. This means that as you earn points, you enter the next levels of such a VIP program. At the same time, by entering higher, you unlock new rewards, and you often have the opportunity to earn points even faster. Loyalty points can be exchanged for tournament entries, bonuses, money, and sometimes also rewards such as electronics from special stores.

Entrance tickets to tournaments

As a loyal player, you’ll often be rewarded with tournament entries that are linked to a points program or for extra deposits. The values ​​of these tickets vary – from those that give entry to tournaments with a large number of participants poker idn (which may have a low value for you, which depends on how you value your time yourself) to those where you really have to win good money.


It’s a newer format in which poker sites try to bring a component from computer games and social elements to the poker experience. This is due to assigning missions to various games where the goal is to achieve a certain achievement. Examples include winning in sit and go, getting a specific hand in a cash game, or picking up a huge pot with a pair of aces. You will receive points or medals – you can later convert them into tournament entries.

poker idnRemember, not always the bonus that advertises a poker room means the greatest value in the long run. You should spend some time comparing the best bonuses to find out who can generally increase your capital.

VIP clubs are loyalty reward programs created by leading poker sites to give regular players bonuses and additional prizes. There are huge differences between how generous loyalty programs are – some give you far more money than others. This article describes on one page the details of these VIP clubs from the largest rooms so that you can quickly choose the best for yourself. Cash register, bonuses, tournament entries, and various gifts such as books and gadgets are available in specialty stores!

One thing common to all VIP programs is that it goes through different levels of membership as you earn more points. You can usually earn points faster at higher levels, which means even more bonuses!